Restoring Brittle Nails and Battling Menopause Symptoms Naturally

Menopause symptoms Woman with brittle nailsWhile menopausal women suffer from many different menopause symptoms, those that result in cosmetic changes are sometimes the most difficult to deal with. Women often feel menopause symptoms like brittle nails make them appear less feminine. Unfortunately, this is often a symptom women experience during menopause due to changes in hormones and age.

Luckily, there are a few ways to deal with menopause symptoms like brittle nails naturally. First though, let’s learn a little bit about them.

What Causes Brittle Nails?

Normally, a woman’s nails grow from the lunula, which is located under the skin. The nails are formed together by a substance known as keratin. Although they are small, nails are an important part of a woman’s body. They protect the nails beds, which are fragile and could become easily damaged without the strong nails.

Estrogen levels lower in menopauseDuring menopause, hormonal imbalances and illnesses can disrupt the amount of keratin produced by the body. This often results in the following symptoms:

  • Color changes in the nail
  • Dryness
  • Breaking, chipping, or splitting of the nail
  • Curling of the nails
  • Nails appear sunken

Brittle nails are one of the many symptoms that occur because of hormonal changes. Estrogen, in particular, can greatly affect whether these menopause symptoms occur. Estrogen plays a big role in determining how the body retains water. When estrogen is low, the body can not retain as much water, resulting in dry, cracked, and brittle nails.

Hormones aren’t always the cause behind these symptoms, however. There are many conditions that can result in brittle nails, as well. Here are just a few:

  • Liver disease
  • Thyroid imbalance
  • Infections
  • Poor circulation
  • Anemia
  • Dietary issues
  • Stress

Natural Treatments For Brittle Nails

There are several natural menopause remedies that will help you fight symptoms like brittle nails.

  • Helathy food in menopauseDiet- At times, brittle nails are the result of dietary insufficiencies. To combat menopause symptoms related to this cause, you may need to alter your diet to include a balance of protein, fat, and vitamin C. Protein is an important factor in this diet, because it contains building blocks known as amino acids, which repair tissues and make new cells.  Healthy protein sources are seafood, white-meat poultry, milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, legumes, and soy.
  • Stress- If stress is causing your brittle nails, consider using stress-reducing activities like yoga or meditation.
  • Vitamin D- At times, a Vitamin D deficiency can result in brittle nails. Spend more time in the sun so your body can naturally produce vitamin D in the body and help strengthen your nails, but don’t forget the sunscreen!
  • Horsetail- This supplement contains silica, which is a natural component that makes up healthy nails, skin, and hair. When consumed, it is known to strengthen nails and make them appear much more natural and beautiful.

Menopause symptoms such as brittle nails may seem like they can’t be conquered. However, with the right natural treatments for these symptoms, you will soon find you have strong nails again.


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