Painful Menopause Symptoms: Burning Tongue

menopause symptoms burning tongueOne of the most painful and irritating menopause symptoms has to be a burning tongue. As the name suggests, this menopause symptom is defined by a burning sensation on the tongue. The feeling is similar to what you might feel if you eat or drink something that is too hot, but, instead of disappearing after a while, the sensation is constant.

Women are affected by this sensation seven times more often than men are, especially during menopause when hormones are running amok.

What is Burning Tongue and What Causes These Menopause Symptoms?

Burning tongue, also called burning mouth syndrome, is a burning pain on the tongue, especially in regards to the back or tip of the tongue. No visible lesions or signs of a burn can usually be seen by those who suffer from it, but the sensation is still present. Typically, this feeling is absent while you are sleep, but becomes progressively worse throughout the day.

Estrogen levels lower in menopauseThere are many causes of burning tongue, but because it is frequently one of many menopause symptoms, doctors believe the primary cause to be hormone imbalances. Estrogen is believed to play a huge role in the development of saliva. During menopause, low levels of estrogen can actually damage and disable the bitter taste buds in the back areas of the tongue. When this happens, pain neurons are activated on the tongue, causing the burning sensation.

There are a few other causes of menopause symptoms like burning tongue as well.

  • Blood abnormalities
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Gastric acid reflux
  • Dental disease
  • Allergies
  • Oral cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Dry mouth
  • Medications
  • Chronic infections

Natural Menopause Cure and Treatments For Menopause Symptoms Like Burning Tongue

The burning tongue menopause symptoms often results in discomfort and pain, so treatment is extremely important. Before you choose a treatment option, however, you should consider which options are going to work well, be less obtrusive, and result in the fewest side effects. After all, you don’t want to trade one pain in for another. Here are some natural options that will help you overcome this painful menopause symptoms.

  • Drink more water to encourage and stimulate the production of saliva to reduce the burning tongue menopause symptoms.
  • Avoid particular foods that may aggravate your tongue, such as mint, cinnamon, or spicy foods.
  • Consider alternative techniques, like acupuncture, which can restore the natural balance of your hormones.
  • Consume vitamin B and iron rich foods.
  • Consider natural burning tongue pain relievers, such as chewing sugar free gum or sucking on an ice cube.

Menopause Symptoms – when to seek further help

Woman being examined for Burning Tongue symptom of menopauseMenopause symptoms like burning tongue can sometimes be dealt with using natural treatments. However, if pain or discomfort associate with these menopause symptoms becomes too difficult to handle even after home remedies have been tried, you should see your doctor.

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