Menopause Relief Reviews & Guest Posting Opportunities

menopauseMenopause Relief Reviews…What’s Your Secret?

From supplements to hormone replacement therapy, we’ve got the reviews. Have you tried anything to relieve symptoms of menopause that works particularly well for you?

Remember, we think natural is best. Do you have a secret recipe for hot flash relief? Whether it’s cayenne pepper tea or a supplement you found online, let us know.

Provide us with your honest account of success of at least 500 words and we will publish it, along with a credit to you and a link to your website in our special review category. Help others break free from the symptoms of menopause!

Topics of particular interest to us include:

  • Fitness after 40
  • Hot flashes cure
  • How to increase libido during menopause
  • Mental confusion and mood swings
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Sleeplessness
  • Pregnancy before menopause
  • Irregular periods or menstrual cycle during menopause
  • Weight gain during menopause
  • Health and nutrition during menopause
  • Breaking free from menopause symptoms
  • Crying spells and emotional feelings
  • Perimenopause symptoms
  • Empty nest syndrome
  • Employment and education after 40
  • Additional menopause symptoms and relief

Guest Posting Opportunities

Are you a writer or blogger with an interest in writing about one of the aspects of menopause? We’d love to hear from you. Provide us with a 500 word article on the menopause symptom or relief topic of your choice and we will publish it, along with an author’s credit, short bio, and a link to your website.

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