Concentration, Memory Loss and Menopause

memory lossWhen you have difficulty concentrating, start experiencing memory loss, or both, it can feel like you are losing your mind. These symptoms are common complaints in women who are just beginning to enter menopause, but that doesn’t mean they are completely normal. While the occasional misplaced key or forgotten date isn’t much to worry about, having constant lapses in memory may be the signal that you should see your health care professional right away.

Isn’t Memory Loss Just Part of the Aging Process

Difficulty concentrating and memory loss do seem to occur more frequently as we age, and for that reason, most traditional western doctors have come to regard these symptoms as “normal aging.” However, just because something is common, that doesn’t mean that it’s normal. If you will, think back to your history classes and reflect on the bubonic plague (The Black Plague). Now, becoming very ill and dying was certainly common during that time, but that didn’t make it normal.

Recent research suggests that even the mildest of memory lapses, either during menopause or otherwise, correlate with brain lesions. These lesions are what are responsible for cases of dementia, with Alzheimer’s disease being the most severe and aggressive form of cognitive degeneration. Before you start worrying that your mental menopause symptoms are actually early onset Alzheimer’s, however, consider some healthy and natural remedies for boosting your brain function. Oftentimes, it is continued poor health in general that ultimately causes difficulty concentrating and memory loss—right about the time of menopause onset.

Menopause and Mental Function: Are They Related At All?

Certainly menopause will have some effect on your mental function since there is a great shift of hormonal balances occurring in your body. Mild, occasional difficulty concentrating and similar bouts of temporary memory loss are probably nothing to concern yourself with. If you are bothered by decreased mental capacity that seems to stem from your entering menopause, however, try the following:

  • Diet and exercise are key! These two things in combination with each other promote a whole body wellness that simply cannot be gained by any amount of supplemental pills or trips to the doctor. Plus, exercise helps to alleviate may other menopause symptoms as well!
  • Get plenty of Omega3 fatty acids. Remember how fish is heralded as brain food? Well, fish is the best source for Omgea3s. These oils actually protect your neurological system against deterioration, so make sure you are getting at least your recommended daily dosage. If you don’t like fish or are concerned with contamination, try using krill oil capsules instead.
  • Spend some time in the sun with a good crossword puzzle. Healthy sun exposure get the Vitamin D flowing in your body, which is important for mental health. Brain games help to keep your mind sharp. Just as you exercise your muscles, you must also exercise your brain to keep it in shape.

Memory loss and difficulty concentrating are not menopause symptoms you just have to deal with. Take charge of your body and your health today and enjoy this stage of your life!

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